Friday, June 5, 2015

Major PDWARE Announcement


Portfolio Decisionware Announces Name Change of Flagship Product to ResourceFirstTM and a New Release

NEW YORK, NY (June 5, 2015)—Portfolio Decisionware Inc. (PDWare), a leading provider of resource planning and portfolio management software, announced general availability today of ResourceFirst™ for cloud and on-premise installations. ResourceFirst is a complete PPM (Project Portfolio Management) application that always considers the impact of resources first when supporting the corporate planning functions of prioritization, allocation and execution. ResourceFirst uses a signature prioritized allocation algorithm to operationalize demand, capacity and other resource management processes. ResourceFirst replaces PDWare™ Portfolio and PDWare™ iTeam release 7.

The product supports much more of the portfolio planning process than the early releases could have supported. Many organizations used PDWare™ to mature from spreadsheets to organized resource planning. ResourceFirst offers a platform for these organizations to continue marching towards enterprise portfolio management maturity while maintaining the benefit of their current resource management accomplishments,” said Peter Heinrich, Co-founder and CEO of Portfolio Decisionware Inc.

ResourceFirst introduces a new browser-supported user interface that has a desktop feel without the cost of a desktop installation. ResourceFirst users can determine which projects will be delivered, rationalize a portfolio, and then execute and status from a single application. New features like an enhanced project scheduler, integrated dashboard reports, collaborative note tracking and intelligent inline notifications, expand the ability of users to manage both resource and project portfolios. Users can also take advantage of integrations with Microsoft® Project and Microsoft® Excel as productive ways to work with legacy data.

ResourceFirst offers more than just credible data entry. The ongoing analysis of resource, status and financial data highlights the trouble spots ahead of the problem and identifies when managers are not pulling their weight.  “We love PDWare® because it calls people out….their progress is right on the dashboard”, says a Financial Institution Executive and User Advocate.

ResourceFirst also offers a desktop option for those users who prefer the traditional approach. “ResourceFirst is unique as users have a choice between two powerful user-interfaces, a browser-based thin client that is easy to use and learn, and a Microsoft® Excel-based desktop application for more intensive calculations and scenarios…some users are just more comfortable using a traditional spreadsheet”, notes Paul Samarel, Co-founder and CTO.

ResourceFirst is available now for large and small organizations.
Interested parties may contact us at or 877-739-6468

ResourceFirst is resource planning and portfolio management software (PPM) that helps organizations improve operations through a combination of resource forecasting, capacity planning, time tracking, status reporting and financial analysis. ResourceFirst is available for cloud and on-premise installations, providing first-line managers, executives, PMOs and EPPMOs the agility to meet fluctuating work priorities, capacity and demand. PDWare customers include Medtronic, BD, Cablevision, Regeneron, SIG, Motorola, Philips, Stryker and Tektronix.

ResourceFirst and PDWare are trademarks of Portfolio Decisionware Inc.  Project and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation.

Press Contact:
Phil Wolf
Senior Vice President
PDWare, Inc.
(978) 897-0033